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Government Of Assam Tea Tribes

Grants to Cultural Organisation and Promotion of Cultural Activities

  • Objective

    The objective of the scheme is to encourage and inspire preservation of cultural identity through holding of cultural meets and training of students on different culturalactivities of the tea tribes’ community; holding of workshops at State Level and Sub-Divisional levels includingorganizing Cultural competitions and Cultural events.These cultural events are meant to showcase the rich and diverse heritage of the tea tribes’ community and promote and encourage the many known and unknown cultural traditions.Besides, cultural exchange and interaction of tea tribes’ communitywith other communities to promote harmony and amity amongst all sections have been envisaged.


    • Financial assistance to cultural organization in the form of grants.
    • Organization of cultural meets, festivals, workshops and other events.
    • Conferment of State cultural award for contribution towards the promotion of cultural & literary activities of the tea tribes community.

    Physical Target

    The physical target for grants depend upon the amount of fund allocated per financial year, the number of cultural events planned, the number of organizations applying for such activities and the decision taken by the State Level Advisory Committee.

    Name of the Implementing Agency

    Directorate for Welfare of Tea &Ex-Tea Garden Tribes.

    Criteria for Selection of Cultural Organizations

    A. The Sub-Divisional Beneficiary Selection Committee shall select the cultural organization for grantsbased on the following criteria:

    • Only applications received from the registered Cultural groups/organizations doing works for preservation and promotion of the culture and traditions of the tea tribes’ people, besides organizing of various festivals for the tea tribes’ community is considered eligible.
    • The Cultural groups/organizations must apply through the Sub-Divisional Beneficiary Selection Committees concerned who are responsible for selection and submission of the list of the eligible organizations to the Directorate.
    • The Directorate finalizes the list of organizations and places the same to the Chairman, State Level Advisory Committee for final approval after which the grants are transferred directly to the bank accounts of the eligible organizations through e-transfer.

    B. With regard to organizing cultural meets/ festivals/workshops/other events, at district or State levels, decision shall be taken with the approval of the Chairman, SLAC, regarding implementing through NIT process, Deputy Commissioner or Sub-Divisional Beneficiaries Selection Committees.


    The Sub-Divisional Beneficiary Selection Committeesshall select the eligible groups/organizations, as per the Sub-Division wise allocation and submit the list to the Directorate.

    The Directorate shallfinalize the list of groups/organizations and place it before the Chairman, State Level Advisory Committee for his approval.

    After the final list is approved, the grants are disbursed directly to the bank accounts of the groups/organizations through e-transfer.

    Method of Payment

    The grants are transferred directly to the bank accounts of the groups/organizations through e-transfer.

    Monitoring of the Scheme

    The monitoring of progress and implementation of the scheme is done by this Directorate involving the SDWOs.

    Maintenance of Records and Monitoring

    The Directorate keeps proper records with APR of the events and submits the reports Government in time.

    Submission of Progress Report

    The Directorate submits the progress report to the Government

    Submission of Utilization Certificate

    The Directorate submits the progress report to the Government in time.

    Audit by the AG (Audit), Assam

    Mandatory Audit by the AG (Audit) Assam is conducted on an annual basis for which the Tea Tribes Welfare Department ensures regular and timely audit of the accounts of the Director, Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam by the AG (Audit), Assam.

    Targeted Period of Completion

    31st March of each financial year.