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Government Of Assam Tea Tribes

One Time Grant of Rs. 25,000/- Each to 1000 Numbers of Disabled Persons Belonging to Tea Tribes Community

  • Objective

    The objective of the scheme is to extend financial assistance in the form of grants to physically disabled persons.

    Physical Target

    The physical target depends upon the annual allocation of fund for the scheme and the rate of grants being decided by the SLAC.

    Name of the Implementing Agency

    Directorate for Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes.

    Criteria for Selection of Beneficiary

    The Sub-Divisional Beneficiary Selection Committee shall select the beneficiaries based on the following criteria:

    • The physically disabled person must belong to tea tribes’ community.
    • He/she should be an Indian citizen and should be a permanent resident of Assam.
    • He/she shall submit disability certificate with minimum 40% disability, issued by the respective District Social Welfare Officer/Joint-Director, District Health Services.
    • The beneficiary must produce a Caste certificates duly certified by the Deputy Commissioner/SDO (c) of the concerned district.
    • A full-sizephotograph of the disabled personshould be submitted along-with the application.
    • The SDWO shall forward the list of disabled persons to the Directorate along-with his recommendation.
    • The disabled persons shall be provided the grants directly to their bank accounts through DBT mode.
    • The disabled person, once covered, will not be considered for grants again.

    Monitoring of the Scheme

    The monitoring of progress and implementation of the scheme will be done through SDWOs who, in turn, report to the Directorate for Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam.

    Maintenance of Records and Monitoring

    The Director maintains proper records with APR of the Institutions.

    Submission of Progress Report

    The Director submits the progress report to the Govternment

    Audit by the AG (Audit), Assam

    Mandatory Audit by the AG (Audit) Assam is conducted for the implementation of the scheme for which the Tea Tribes Welfare Department ensures the regular and timely audit of the accounts of the Director, Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam by the AG (Audit), Assam.

    Submission of Utilization Certificate

    The Directorate submits the utilization certificate to the Govt. in time.

    Targeted period of completion

    31st March of each financial year.