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Government Of Assam Tea Tribes

Awareness Programme


The objective of the scheme is to generate awareness among the tea tribes’ people on issues like child/human trafficking, family planning, legal awareness, health, etc. for bringing effective social & behavioral change amongst them.

Name of the Implementing Agency

Directorate for Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes.

Method of Implementation

The scheme shall be implemented through NGOs/CBOs working for tea tribes’ communities, selected by the Sub-Divisional Beneficiary Selection Committees. Funds shall be provided to the organization for conducting awareness programmes amongst the tea tribes’ populace, by the Directorate, observing all formalities.

Further, production of documentaries, quickies, brochure/handouts, advertisements etc. through print, electronic and other mass media for dissemination of information and messages for the tea tribes’ community on social and development issues shall be undertaken.

Method of Payment

The grants are transferred directly to the bank accounts of the groups/organizations through e-transfer.

In case of production of documentaries, quickies, brochure/ handouts, etc. through print, electronic and other mass media, NIT process shall be followed.

Monitoring of the Scheme

The monitoring of progress and implementation of the scheme is done by this Directorate involving the SDWOs.

Maintenance of Records and Monitoring

The Directorate keeps proper records with APR of the events and submits the reports Government in time.

Submission of progress report

The Directorate submits the progress report to the Government

Submission of Utilization Certificate

The Directorate submits the progress report to the Government in time.

Audit by the AG (Audit), Assam

Mandatory Audit by the AG (Audit) Assam is conducted on an annual basis for which the Tea Tribes Welfare Department ensures regular and timely audit of the accounts of the Director, Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam by the AG (Audit), Assam.

Targeted Period of Completion

31st March of each financial year.